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Dematting a Cat or Dog

Posted by Vicki Geddes on February 23, 2014 at 10:15 PM

When you are faced with a cat or dog with matted fur, it can be very challenging to deal with, but it can be done at home, and here are some tips on dematting the animal.

First off, do not wash the animal, getting the fur wet, actually makes the fur shrink and tighten to the skin, so save the bath for after dematting.

Second, purchasing a set of manicure scissors is a must. You can buy them at any drugstore, they are tiny scissors found in the nail care isle. Buy a good quality, with pointed ends. These scissors are very sharp and tiny enough to get right up against the skin, and remove the mat. They work great.

Once you have taken all the matts from the dog or cat, you can then proceed to bath the animal as usual.

If the animal is extremely matted, you can still use this method, but it will be time consuming, and look very choppy when you ate finished. If you have clippers, it would look a lot better if you can then even the fur out.




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